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1963 Born Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentina
2003 Lives in New York
University of Philosophy, Rosario, Santa Fe Argentina


2004 "Miami Paintant", MAM Miami Art Museum, Miami
2004 "From altered Paintings to Paintants", Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
2004 "Jours noirs", Galerie Thaddeaus Ropac, Paris
2002 Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona (Solo)
2002 PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Summer Projects 2002
2002 Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York, NY; Janeila’s 5 Moves
2001 Greg Lynn/ Fabian Marcaccio, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio (Solo)
2001 "Paintant Stories", Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne
2000 Paintant Stories, Württtembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (Solo)
1999 Time Paintants, Gorney Bravin + Lee Gallery, Nueva York (Solo)
1998 With-Ject Spain, Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona; Galeria Salvador Díaz, Madrid (Solo)
1997 Paintants, Baumgartner Galler, Washington D.C (Solo)
1996 Galerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam (Solo)
1995 Paint-Zone, Bravin Post Lee Gallery, Nueva York (Solo)
1995 Paint-Zone, Bravin Post Lee Gallery New York, NY
1995 Paint-Zone L.A., Louver Gallery Los Angeles, CA
1995 Use of Evidence, Contemporary Art Museum U.S.F., Tampa, FL
1995 The Corcoran Biennial Exhibition: Painting Outside Painting, curated by Terri, The Corcoran Museum of Art Washington, D.C.
1995 Unveiled Painting, curated by Klaus, Kunstraum Vienna, Austria
1995 Art at the Edge: Tampering: Artists and Abstraction Today, curated by Susan, The High Museum Atlanta, GA
1995 Malerei, with Callum Inne, Busche Gallery Berlin, Germany
1995 Transatlantica, Museo Alejandro Otero Caracas, Venezuela
1995 The Adventure of Painting, Organized by Mar, The Kunstverein Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, Germany
1995 Mesotica, Museo de Arte e Diseno Contemporaneo San Jose, Costa Rica
1995 Pittura-Immedia, Curated by Peter, Neue Galerie/Landesmuseum Joanneau Graz, Austria
1995 On Target, Horodner Romley Gallery New York, NY
1995 Outside You, Baumgartener Gallery Washington, D.C.
1995 The Mutated Painting, Galerie Martina Detterer Frankfurt, Germany
1995 Architecture of the Mind, curated by David, Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1995 New York Abstract, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, LA
1994 1994 New Paint Management, Galerie Rolf Ricke, Colonia (Solo)
1994 On Unpaintables, Thaddeus Ropac Gallery Paris, France
1994 New Painting Management, Gallerie Rolf Ricke Cologne, Germany
1994 Revisioning the Familiar, Zilkha Gallery Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
1994 De-Pop, curated by Sandr, Connecticut College New London, CT
1994 On Paper, Schmidt Contemporary Art St. Louis, MO
1994 Painting Language, L.A. Louver Los Angeles, CA
1994 Drawings: Lasker, Marcaccio, Nozkowski, Stephan, Lasker, Nozkowsk, Bravin Post Lee New York, NY
1994 Benefit Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, CA
1994 Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art Cleveland, OH
1994 Fractured Seduction, curated by Maia , Artifact Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
1994 The Brushstroke and its Guises, curated by Rosem, New York Studio School New York, NY
1994 Conditional Painting, Galerie Nacht St. Stephan Vienna, Austria
1994 Reveillon, Stux Gallery New York, NY
1994 Possible Things, curated by Vik M, Bardamu Gallery New York, NY
1994 Meta-Material, Plasma Sagaponack, NY
1993 Unpaintables, Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Suecia
1993 The Altered Genetics of Painting, John Post Lee Gallery New York, NY
1993 Mutual Betrayal, Barbara Farber Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1993 Unpaintables, Anders Tornberg Gallery Lund, Sweden
1993 Group Show, Baumgartner Gallery Washington, D.C.
1993 New Museum Benefit, New Museum New York, NY
1993 Tool Box, Curated by Antho, Studio la Citta Verona, Italy
1993 Teddy and Other Stories, curated by Luca , Claudio Bottela Arte; Galleria in Arco Turin, Italy
1993 Jours Tranquilles a Clichy, Curated by Alain, Paris, France; New York, NY
1993 Needlepoint, Embroidery, Macrame and Crochet, Postmasters New York, NY
1993 The Post-Dialectical Index, curated by Rober, Palazzo Costanzi; Lattuada Studio; Horodner Romley Trieste and Milan, Italy; New York, NY
1993 Irony & Ecstacy, Curated by Klaus, Salama-Caro Gallery London, England
1993 Plotzlich ist Eine Zeit Hereingebrochen, in Der Alles Moglich Sein Sollte, curated by Udo K, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Germany
1993 Painting in the 90's, Ruth Bloom Gallery Los Angeles, CA
1993 Galeria Namia Mondolfi Caracas, Venezuela
1992 John Post Lee Gallery, Nueva York (Solo)
1992 John Post Lee Gallery, John Post Lee Gallery New York, NY
1992 Inter-Painting, Jason Rubell Gallery Palm Beach, FL
1992 Niente Nuovo, curated by Antho, Studio la Citta Verona, Italy
1992 Slow Art, curated by Alana, P.S. 1 Museum Long Island City, NY
1992 A New American Flag, Protetch Gallery New York, NY
1992 Kinder Macht Neues!, Galerie Rolf Ricke Cologne, Germany
1992 Group Show, Arena Gallery New York, NY
1992 Theoretically Yours, The Museum of Aosta Acosta, Italy
1992 Contextures/Constructures, curated by Jonat, Rubinstein/Diacono New York, NY
1992 Who's Afraid of Duchamp, Minimalism and Passport Photography, curated by Colli, Annina Nosei Gallery New York, NY
1992 Erwartung, Curated by Carlo, Munic. Museum Rosario, Argentina
1992 Cultural Fabrication, John Good Gallery New York, NY
1992 Recent Abstract Painting, Schmidt Contemporary St. Louis, MO
1992 Off Balance, Jason Rubell Gallery Palm Beach, FL
1992 How it is, curated by Jonat, Shafrazi Gallery New York, NY
1991 Group Exhibition, curated by Colli, New Era Space New York, NY
1991 Ornament: Ho Hum All Ye Faithful, John Post Lee New York, NY
1991 Group Exhibition, Althea Viafora Gallery New York, NY
1991 Invitational, Stux Gallery New York, NY
1991 Group Exhibition, Jacob Karpio Gallery San Jose, Costa Rica
1990 International Bienial of Paper Art, Hoesch Museum Duren, Germany
1990 Paradigma 80's-90's, Jacob Karpio Gallery San Jose, Costa Rica
1989 Invitational, Stux Gallery New York, NY
1989 Ideas and Images from Artentina, Bronx Museum Bronx, New York
1989 Translations, Castle Naudary France
1988 Group Exhibition, Bronx Museum Bronx, NY
1988 Crisallis, Center for the arts Rochester, NY
1988 Sei Incisori, Palazzo Bounaccorsi Italy
1988 Jornadas de la Critica, Spinto Center Buenos Aires, Argentina
1988 San Telmo Foundation, San Telmo Foundation Buenos Aires, Argentina

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