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Alan Henderson was born and raised in Alberta and studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design. He has installed a number of public commissions within Alberta and has consulted on public art at the provincial level. He has received project grants from the Government of Alberta and is currently focusing on a new body of work representing the war in Afghanistan.

His sculpture is focused on the subject represented but also carries an awareness of the work as an object separate from the original inspiration. An interest in the use of the figure in art is fuelled by his own popular culture and his international travels both as an individual and in military service. Henderson currently lives and works in St. Albert, Alberta.


2009 ‘10 Figures In Motion With A Horse’, commissioned For Bucci Developments (new Xenex on 12th Building.)
RCMP / ES Building Commission (shortlisted), The City of Red Deer.
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Award
Facilitator for Team Building through art, Keyano College.
2008 ‘Ceannmore’, commissioned for the town of Canmore on Main Street. (‘Ceannmore’ is Gaelic for ‘Great Head’)
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Award
Visited stone workshops in Quanzhou, China -‘the capital of stone carving’.
Bergen International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Technical Assistant, Sundre, AB
2007-08 Interview with philosopher Amy Schmitter (published in the summer and winter edition of the Visual Arts Alberta newsletter ‘The Voice’).
2006 Taught sculpture and drawing at The University of Alberta’s ‘Art Camp’.
2005 ‘Parmenides’s Son’ (60’ floor installation), commissioned by The Calgary Airport Authority for Concourse 'A' in The Calgary International Airport.
Four medallions, commissioned by The City of St. Albert for the Mayor’s Chain of Office.
2004-05 Art Consultant on the ‘Saskatchewan Queen's Golden Jubilee Statue Project’ for the Government of Saskatchewan.
2002-05 The series 'Artlaw' appeared in the Visual Arts Association of Alberta's newsletter, 'The Voice'. (The series dealt with issues such as copyright, exhibition fees, slander and obscenity laws as they effect artists. The series became part of the curriculum at Grant MacEwan’s Arts & Culture Management program.)
2004 One of three team finalists selected for the Valiants Memorial Project, Confederation Square, for the National Capital Commission, Ottawa.
‘Hazel’, commissioned by the Red Deer Downtown Business Assoc., AB.
2002 ‘Sam Livingston, Big Head’, commissioned by The Calgary Airport Authority for Concourse 'A' at The Calgary International Airport.
2001 ‘Saint Albert The Great’, commissioned by the St. Albert 2000 Steering Committee and the St. Albert Continuous Learning Community Society.
1998-2001 Taught art to children in St. Albert and Edmonton (various organizations)
2000 Alberta Foundation for the Arts purchase of clay sculpture ‘Ceannmore’ for the AFA Collection.
1998 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Award
1995 Two paintings commissioned by the Italian Vice Consul Embalsano
1994 Painting commissioned for General A.J.G.D. de Chastelain by The South Alberta Light Horse Regiment.
1993 Illustrated for the “Sandbag”, 2 PPCLI Battalion Group’s Publication
1992 “Don Quixote”, Three bronze sculptures commissioned by the Masters Gallery, Calgary, AB
1991 Documented bunkers and fortifications for the UN Peacekeeping Force - Cyprus.
Illustrated for “The Ric-A-Dam-Doo”, 1 PPCLI Battalion Group’s Publication


Bucci Developments
Calgary Airport Authority
City of St. Albert
City of Red Deer
St. Albert 2000 Steering Committee
St. Albert Continuous Learning Community Society
Town of Canmore


2011 “Light Horse Tails of an Afghan War”, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2009 “Fall Show”, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2008 “Smaller Than a Breadbox”, The Works Festival; Edmonton, AB
2006 “Art in the Hanger Show”, Hanger 11, Edmonton Municipal Airport, AB
“10th Anniversary Show”. Art Beat Gallery, St. Albert, AB
2004 “Gaia” Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2003 “Fall Show for the Alberta Sculptors Association”; Art Beat Gallery, St. Albert, AB
2002 “Alberta Wide”, presented by Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2001 “Sweet Sixteen”, Profiles Public Art Gallery; St. Albert, AB
“Body Experience”, The Works; Edmonton, AB
2000 “Tarot Exhibition”, The Works, Alberta Society of Artists; Edmonton, AB
1999 Profiles Public Gallery; St. Albert, AB
Generations Gallery; Stony Plain, AB
1986 A Sense of Space; Muttart Art Gallery; Calgary, AB


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“Happy Birthday, Big Guy!”, Canmore Leader, Sept. 30.
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“Chain A Link To History”, Saint City News
2003 McGinniss, Sorcha, “Pioneer on Pedestal at Calgary Airport”, Calgary Herald, Jan. 28.

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