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Jaemi Hardy was born in Edmonton, Alberta where he completed his undergraduate studies in Fine Art at Grant MacEwan College. In 2003, Hardy had a self portrait accepted to the BP Portrait Award held at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. Catherine Goodman, the Executive Director of London’s Royal Drawing School invited Hardy to apply to their post graduate program and he was accepted as the sole international student for 2004.

The Royal Drawing School is something of a nexus for the tradition of British postwar figurative painting. Hardy’s instructors included former students and colleagues of Euan Uglow and also painters associated with the ‘London School’ of Freud, Auerbach and Kossof. Hardy chose to use his 2 year post graduate study to draw extensively from live models and also from the collections of the National Gallery and the British Museum. He remained in London for three years following his studies, spending this time painting, exhibiting work and travelling for the purpose of studying Europe’s great painting collections; notably the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, the Uffizi, Venice’s Academia and the Prado in Madrid. Before leaving London, Hardy exhibited a second time in the BP Portrait Award and was one of seven artists shortlisted in the inaugural exhibition of the Threadneedle Prize. Hardy currently lives in Toronto.


2004-2006: The Royal Drawing School; 2 year Post Graduate Studies in Drawing. London, England.
1992-1994: Grant MacEwan College; Associate Degree in Fine Arts. Edmonton, Alberta.


2009: The Discerning Eye: by Selection of Jackie Wullschlager, Art Critic, London Financial Times. Mall Galleries, London
2009: The Threadneedle Prize; One of seven artists shortlisted for £25000.00 Threadneedle Prize. Mall Galleries, London.
2008: Extended Painting Projects: Alberto Villar Gallery, London.
2007: The Royal Society of Portrait Painters: Mall Galleries, London.
2007: BP Portrait Award: National Portrait Gallery London.
2006: Hinterlands: Thomas Williams Gallery, London.
2005: The Discerning Eye: By selection of William Fever, curator, writer, critic for The Observer. Mall Galleries London.
2004: Pathos to Ethos: Eleven Gallery, London
2003: BP Portrait Award: National Portrait Gallery, London

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