Andrew Valko, Disconnected Encounters

February 22nd- March 22nd, 2014 - Vancouver Gallery

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Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver presents Disconnected Encounters, featuring new work by Andrew Valko.

Andrew Valko Disconnected Encounters
Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver
February 22nd- March 15th* extended to March 22nd, 2014
Opening: Saturday, February 22nd, 2-4pm
Artist in Attendance

Winnipeg-based Andrew Valko studied printmaking extensively and continues to employ print techniques in acrylic painting. Working on wood, he uses a router and carves into the material creating textures that reinforce the act of painting. What often results are soft finishes and meticulously painted subjects imbued with cool, diffused lighting.

Valko’s illustrative realist paintings take up themes from contemporary culture: static drive-in cinemas of a bygone era, extraterrestrial activity and youth culture in the digital age. In this exhibition, Valko confronts viewers with his signature voyeuristic impulse. The gaze is cast on the “selfie” generation and its penchant for self-imaging and yearning for meaningful social connection. Valko’s voyeuristic gaze acts as a mirror of reflection that invites viewers to assess the meaning of privacy and community, intimacy, and solitude in the digital age.

Andrew Valko has worked in printmaking, portraiture and painting for the last three decades. Valko has had solo exhibitions at various galleries all over Canada. In addition, Valko’s work has been published and reviewed in various publications such as Border Crossings, The New Yorker Magazine, Asian Art News, Canadian Art, Galleries West Magazine, The Globe and Mail, among others. His work can be found in the collections of The Canada Council Art Bank, the Manitoba Art Council, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Royal Canadian Mint and the Canada Post Corporation and more. He has been represented by the Douglas Udell Gallery since the mid-90s.

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"Andrew Valko has made himself the laureate of disconnected encounter: the master of incomplete ceremony. Almost without exception, his paintings and drawings are episodes in an ongoing fragmentary narrative in which we are obliged, as viewers, to fill in the details of a story that he only hints at. Valko knows that viewer and voyeur are close in meaning. These radiant paintings glow with a sense of golden unhappiness. On the basis of this new work, Andrew Valko legitimately anoints himself the master of the ambiguous gaze."
- Robert Enright, Writer and Art Critic

Image details: Andrew Valko, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… Ask Siri, Acrylic on Wood, 20 x 33 in., 2013.


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