John Capitano, September Artist Feature

September 13th - September 27th, 2014 - Vancouver Gallery

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Please join us for a special September artist feature on the work of John Capitano

For the series February, Vancouver 2010, John Capitano created twenty-eight paintings of the daily dishes stacked by his kitchen sink, representing one for each day of the month of February, with the final day of the Vancouver Winter Olympics falling on the last day of February.
Capitano’s interest in kitchen sinks represents the everyday routine and concerns that gave rise to an indifference and unease to the spectacle and media circus around the city of Vancouver during the Olympics. A daily record of passing time, the ceaseless day-to-day routine also inspired the artist’s indifference to the realities of aging.

The repetition of banal subject matter pushes Capitano’s need to re-invent and explore subjects and compositions much further. To this end, the artist has concentrated not just on painterly aspects, but on turning painterly gestures into hyper-real elements interacting among the representational objects. Collectively, the twenty-eight paintings presented as a calendar represent a singular focus and determination while marking a series of significant moments in time.

In addition, the Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver will be exhibiting Capitano’s latest series, Tangle and Twister. Employing chance elements to his application of vibrant colour and dynamic painterly movement, Tangle and Twister playfully singles out abstraction, creating a visual feast for the eye.

Image details: John Capitano, February 24, Vancouver 2010, Acrylic on Canvas, 34.5 x 46 in., 2014.


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